Here are some variables and constants regarding the installation of a water heater.

Exhaust venting should not be installed at no more than a 60 degree angle and 3 sheet metal screws should be installed at every joint.

A fire block should be installed to separate exhaust vent from combustion material such as wood and sheetrock. Fire caulk should be applied if necessary.

If water heater stand has suffered from water damage or has mold issues, professionals should address these issues prior to water heater installation.

It is recommended that a water heater pan and drain be placed under the water heater prior to installation to prevent water damage from occurring in the future.

It is recommended that new copper water supplies and ball type shut off valve be installed.

The temperature pressure relief valve is for your safety. Piping should always be graded down hill, terminate in approved location, and allow disconnection from water heater for future replacement.

It is recommended that a new gas ball cock and gas supply be installed at time of installation.

If one prefers the removal of old water heater from premises, one should inquire what fees may be associated with said removal.

One should inquire as to the quality of the water heater. We recommend the Rheem Guardian Fury, Bradford White, or A. O. Smith. Brands. After all, who needs more problems with there water heater?

Tankless water heaters are now popular replacements to existing tank type water heaters. Pricing can be 2 to 4 times the cost of a standard water heater replacement due to gas line sizing, proper location, venting, water supply piping and multiple inspections by administrative authorities and Gas Company. We recommend Noritz and Rinnia brand tankless water heaters.

A permit must be pulled if a plumber is installing the water heater. There is a fee and, in most cases, it requires a trip to the building department to acquire the permit. The permit must be with the water heater when the inspection is called. The inspector will confirm that the water heater has been installed correctly.

Earthquake straps are now required on water heater installations.

Sediment traps are now required on water heater gas supply lines.

If you would like A Better Plumbing Company to install your new water heater or assist you with any other plumbing needs.